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Oleg Anatol’evich Matveychev is a Russian politician and PR consultant. Since 2020 he is a professor at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Matveychev has published various books on politics and public relations. He has worked as a political consultant in all 85 regions of Russia and abroad.

Matveychev is the author of the “cult” books for political consulting and is an author of more than 200 scientific publications and 22 monographs.

Executive director of “Vremya” foundation which deals with the realization of the social projects and supported a lot of books and research project publications and translations.  On the initiative and with the support of the foundation the following works were published: the books by Heidegger “What is Called Thinking”, “The Black Notebooks” in 3 books, “Contributions to Philosophy (of the Event)”, “Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit”, “Being and Time”, “New ways with Heidegger” by Pegeller O., “The Homeric Gods” by Otto, “Platonic Theology” by Ficino, “Platon Myths” by Reinhard, etc.

Permanent expert of “60 Minutes” and Evening with V.Solovyov talk shows, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and “Aif” newspapers, “Vzglyad” web-newspaper, etc. Winner of “Leaders of Russia. Politics” All-Russia competition (2020).

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Summary of one of the video interviews regarding Putin’s strategy toward Ukraine.

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Russian Thought on the Origination of Greek Philosophy

Published in European Journal of Philosophical Research, 2017, 4(1)

The article is a historiographical and theoretical overview of the basic concepts of the genesis of ancient Greek philosophy in the Russian and Soviet philosophical literature in 19-20th centuries. While the first information about antiquity appeared in Russia in the 10th century, the author indicates that the scientific study of ancient Greek philosophy in Russia began only in the 19th century. One of the first original research in this area belonged to the O. Novitsky. He put forward the idea of the development of Greek philosophy from mythology and religion of more than half a century before F. Cornford and K. Joel. This concept was developed creatively by S. Trubetskoy. He argued that the philosophy of the Greeks is a special phase of their religious ideas. The author argues that the last sentence in this debate is unlikely to be ever written, because to find the solution to the problem of the genesis of philosophy is to solve the grand question of philosophy: what is philosophy?

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Trojan Horse of Western History

This book is about the fact that the Trojans defeated the Greeks and not the other way around, as it is commonly believed.
This book is about the fact that the well-known Greek religion with its specific anthropomorphism was artificially created for some political reasons.
This book is about the fact that soft power, information warfare and falsification of history do not constitute innovations, but are the oldest essential features of the Western mind.
This book refutes the conventional wisdom that «history is written by the victors». On the contrary, we have proven that the victors are the ones, who have managed to write history.
This book is about our postmodern world, where universals contradict one another, each of them entailing
other universals as «my other», and we have shown the horizons in terms of solving the problem of postmodernism.
This book tells the story of exciting journeys to both ancient Troy and to modern Troy.
This is a book that all will be able to comprehend, not only those educated in human sciences, because it is
as bright, lively and entertaining as a mystery thriller.
This is a book of science, which opposes the fashionable sensational historical junk food that has recently
appeared in bookstores under the anarchic banner of «Anything goes»
This book is about the struggle for historical truth and justice, immersing us in the world, because without
truth we are orphans.
This book is about history unfolding like a musical piece, and by an audible note we can’t guess the previous note, and neither we can predict the next one or project the present into the past and the future. To hear the music of history one must have the historical ability to hear.

Who Won Trojan War — companion website for an English edition of a book «Trojan Horse of Western History»

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